Men's Hair Enhancements

International Hairgoods

Since 1968, International Hairgoods has been a manufacturer and supplier to professionals in the hair enhancement industry.

New Man Products

New Man has been a trusted supplier of products for the hair enhancement industry since 1968

  • Cleaner Concentrate
  • Finishing Rinse
  • Fiberquard
  • Hairspray
  • Medical Adhesive Solvent
  • A Tape
  • AA Tape
  • B Back Tape
  • 3/4 Straight Tape
  • D Tape
  • 3/4 & 1/2 clear tape rolls
  • wig brushes

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Hair Enhancement Services  
Custom Hair Enhancement (starting at) $900.00
Custom Human Hair Enhancement (starting at) $1,000.00
Pre-Designed Men's Hair Enhancement $600.00
Pre-Designed Men's Human Hair Enhancement $750.00
Men's Full Wigs start at $200.00
Men's Hair Enhancement Cleaning $10.00






We know the age-old concern: that your hair enhancements will inevitably look less than natural, and any notice received will prove less than favorable.

That's why, at Cammuso's, you will only deal with an experienced stylist to ensure a custom fit with the finest hair enhancements available.  Your appointment awaits!!!!

The success you've achieved in life is often reflected in your clothes, your car, and your personal looks. The inevitable passing of the years has not stopped you from working out, whitening your teeth, or wearing contacts. Why should it stop you where a stylish head is concerned?

John Wayne, John Travolta, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis; these icons of American success have worn wigs when it suited them to look their best. Why shouldn't you?

Your Appointment Awaits

Because we want to serve your personal needs and assure than an experienced stylist is available to give you undivided attention, hair enhancement services are by appointment only. Contact Cammuso's today to schedule your appointment.

Service Area

Cammuso's Salon, Spa & Wigs, serving Plum and Pittsburgh area, including but not limited to the communities of Apollo, Churchill, Delmont, Export, Greensburg, Oakmont, Monroeville, Murrysville, Verona, and more.

Learn more about Cammuso's on our About Us page.


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